About us

Manuel José Júnior (1901-1965), a builder with a degree from the Machado de Castro school, José Cabeleira's grandfather and Bruno Cabeleira's great-grandfather, after 20 years of constructing several buildings in Lisbon, envisioned "Les Appartements" with 40.m2, an idea already practiced in other countries.

In 1955, Manuel thought, projected and thus built the building at Avenida Sidónio Pais, number 4. He went against the opposition of his councilors and friends, who said that the purchase of the land from the Lisbon City Hall exceeded the market value and questioned the economic study.

Manuel always defended the investment because of its excellent location, saying and stressing that "I can see the Marquês de Pombal from here". Years passed and time proved the visionary right.

In 2009, his great-grandson Bruno decided to specialize in Switzerland, specifically at the Les Roches school of management and hospitality in Bluche. Thus, together with his father, updated the concept imagined by his great-grandfather, "Les Appartements", creating the family business, Lisboa Central Park Hotel.